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HealthTRx is a global organisation with a special purpose: innovation in e-mental health and addiction domain. We encourage innovation by thinking outside the box and looking at how day to day technology can be interwoven in improving access to and choice of mental healthcare. We specialise in the proliferation of the role of digital technologies in improving access to care for mental health and addiction patients with activities such as information provision, patient engagement, self-help, self-management, online treatment applications to social support post discharge

We work as an agile team with subject matter expertise in e-mental health and addictions that can scale up and down as required. Our consulting portfolio includes scoping, strategy development and implementation, program and service design and delivery, and organisational readiness and change management to enable the e-mental health journey.

We are based in New Zealand and are actively engaged in leading key e-mental and addictions initiatives in New Zealand, Canada, Australia, USA, Hong Kong and UK. Our clients are  primary/secondary health organisations, public health providers, workplaces, academia and NGOs at local and international levels.

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