HealthTRx has led successful design, development and implementation of several e-Therapy programmes at national and regional levels and as a result have accumulated rich body of knowledge and experience spanning across more than a decade in the implementation of online Behavioural Health and e-Mental Health and Addiction solutions across health, social services to not-for-profit sector. Our focus now is on improving consumer outcomes by implementing integrated multi-channel digital enabled support services in mental health, addiction and suicide prevention domain that are person-centred and evidence-based. We are an eclectic team, bringing sound advice, cross-disciplinary knowledge and experience to drive creative thinking across governments and healthcare provider organisations. Our consulting work has ranged with the customers of all sizes ranging from national, regional to local levels in many countries ranging from New Zealand, Australia, Canada, Hong Kong to the USA. We work as an agile core team that can scale up and down as required drawing on a network of subject matter experts.

Our core areas of skills are:

  • Policy, funding and planning advice to Government
  • Strategic and operational planning
  • Cultural and consumer leadership
  • Service architecting and implementation
  • Technology review and planning
  • Consumer engagement
  • Design, development and implementation of online, integrated behavioural health services
  • Evaluation and evidence building

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